CodeVelle is positioned to be a leader in the design and development of applications and games for the Smartphone and the Smart Touch tablets. We take pride in developing products for Android, Android Touch Tablets, iPhone and the iPad.

Android Phone, Tablet

Google Android is here, and it is here to stay and enrich our lives. Want to develop your
application on the Android?  look no further; We make the best applications and games with
best in class User Interfaces to provide you a enriched experience.

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iPhone, iPad

Apple has always brought out eye-catching products. It would not be wrong to say that  the iPhone is a revolutionary device and the single most important device in the hands of people in the last decade. Be sure to catch the wave, as we develop some eye-candy for these devices.

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What separates the Pros from the Amateurs : The Art of Design; Well, we are close to mastering it!. Your product website can be the window to your world!

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