CodeVelle (pronounced ‘Code Well’): Code, signifies the Geeky and Nerdy side and Velle – stands for ‘Fly’ in Latin, has roots in Sanskrit and English meaning ‘Will’ and ‘Wish’. It also stands for ‘People’ in Dutch.
We ‘Live and Breathe’ creative, artful, intuitive applications and simply mind blowing, addictive games for the Smartphone and the Smart Touch tablets.
Our Icon, the ‘COol DEvil’ always reminds us that the ‘Devil is in the details’.
CodeVelle is founded by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in developing Smartphone and Enterprise critical applications for MNCs across the globe. Working experience with clients across the globe and guided by industry veterans as advisors, CodeVelle has firm roots, and its eyes set on the immense possibilities and reach of the mobile space.
CodeVelle is head quartered in Bangalore, the Silicon valley of India, and will be the jurisdiction for all commercial and legal issues.